Hi Guys,

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Let’s get real serious on this post! I need you guys on my spending habit, maybe I should put it that way, so you know am damn serious in need of your utmost seriousness.

We work to earn money so that we can use the money for 3 basic purpose, which are the precautive motive, transaction motive and speculations motive.

I can genuinely say that the main motive my own hard earn money always cover is the transaction motive, cause I spend mainly on food, subscriptions of data, and the transport fare to convey myself from places around Lagos.

However, the main problem am having is that before a blink of an eye paying bill of these little stuffs, I don’t always understand how I exhaust my monthly Salary even before mid month.

Hence, it has turn to a thing of utmost concern, that I see it pertinent to seek Naijaloadites help on it and I believe your own spending habit can sure better mine too.

So Guys

Apart From Food, Data And Transportation Fare, What Else Finishes Your Money?

I will be in the comment section, to hear from you.


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